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Just A’ Dore

Just A' Dore Leather Products the Goods Shed Mossel Bay


Just A’ Dore

Just A’ Dore Leather at the Goods Shed, Mossel Bay offer a wide variety of leather products.

We can make any custom order to your liking

Just A’ Dore Leather Goods

“Esca is now working with multiple factories in India as well as South Africa making the best EsCaVa Leather Products.”

Just A ‘Dore is a small self-made business in the hart of Mossel Bay. Founded by Esca Schoeman in 2010, who traveled the world from place to place, looking for quality leather bags and found some of the best factories well hidden in the unseen side of India.

We serve the young, golden ager and everyone in between.

We offer a wide variety of leather products and with our professional craft people we can make any custom order to your liking.

Custom Orders Available

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@ The Goods Shed | Mossel Bay/Mosselbaai